Broken Crayon Solution: Rainbow Crayon Cupcakes

These recycled crayon cupcakes are great to make for little fingers who struggle to hold little crayons.

Broken Crayon Solution: Rainbow Crayon Cupcakes

What you need

Cupcake cups
Oven mitts


Drawing time is a rainbow of colors as your child runs them across the paper releasing all the mixed colors. You can use inexpensive whole crayons or recycle all those broken pieces in the bottom of the toy box.

This crayon cupcake project is great for schools and groups to recycle their broken pieces.

Preheat the oven to 250 deg F.

Remove the paper wrappers from the crayons and put the crayons into a cupcake cup and place the cup cake into a cupcake or muffin tray for support.

Allow them to melt in the oven, melting time may vary depending on your crayons brand so make sure you watch the crayons and once melted take them out. Allow them to cool before touching.

Peel off the cupcake paper and use as normal.

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  1. Didn’t work, the colors just melted together. How to make them so they dont do this?

  2. So cute. Am going to make “mini” ones for grandkids Xmas stockings.

  3. neat. a great idea to get rid of those extra crayons.

  4. This is AWESOME

  5. this is such a cute idea!!! im 12 and i need a recycleing thing 4 earth day so im gonna try these

  6. i made these in preschool

  7. Great idea! Fun for both of my girls as well!

  8. This is soo sweet im giving these to my 16 almost 17 year old sister! I know she’ll love them. I’m 14.

  9. Great project to do! I hand them out in my class !

  10. im going to make these as christmas presents!!!!! so cool!

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