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No Sew Baby Fleece Ball

For this project you don't need to sew or glue anything making it suitable for beginners and all ages. A very easy no sew ball.

No Sew Baby Fleece Ball

What you need

Polar Fleece (assorted colors)
Toy Filling or Foam
Rattle or Bell


Cheap fleece works well for this project as it has a little flexibility in it, making the knot tying easier.

Start by making 6 side to the square.

We made a large ball using panels 10 inch x 10 inch pieces. You can use fleece all the same color or have 6 different colored panels.

Mark out each panel with a 2 inch border to provide you with a cut line that sits 2 inches in from the edges.

Using your scissors you will cut a fringe, going no further than 2 inches using the line as a guide.

Make your fringes no less than 1 cm wide otherwise it will be too frail for tying. Make sure each side has the same amount of fringes as you need to tie these to fringes on another piece so you have to have an equal amount.

Once you have fringed all your pieces you’re ready to tie the block together.

Start by laying one piece on top of the other and double knotting two fringes together. Keep doing this till you finish one side.

Now you should have 2 pieces joined.

Lay out the rest of the squares as shown below to form a flat cube.

No Sew Baby Ball

Tie each section to the next panel until you form a cube, leave one row untied so you can fill it with filling and add your rattle or bell.

If you are using a foam block it is much easier with the knotting process as you can tie them around the foam giving you something to push against and to keep things nice and square.

Filling is great if you want to be able to throw it into the washing machine.

Once your foam or filling is inserted then simply knot up the opening and you’re done.


Please use your own judgment on the safety of this item as we are not able to determine how well and how secure you have made it. However it is made using a baby blanket suitable fabric and is double knotted, the tassels are not long enough to reach the back of the throat.

But always check the toy you have made yourself. If you are still concerned you can use it as a room decoration or a supervised toy for older children.

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  1. Way cool, I have made cushions like this, but will definetly do this.

  2. Making several of these for my brother and his girlfriend who have a pet raccoon. He loves plush toys with bells inside and goes through them pretty fast. Will save lots of money going this route.

  3. I think this is going to be our camp activity this thursday, thanks a lot!

  4. My little Fuzzies Love it so much! Thanks!

  5. 8yo dd made a pillow in 4H using this technique. Imagination is the limit. Frustrated regarding typos, misspellings in directions. Why?

  6. :)… :0… cool! I was looking for instuctions on making this for a long time. The ones i did find were so complicated! Thank you so much for simplifying it. Im making it for my sugar gliders to sleep in (without the stuffing of couse!) Im sure they will love it! AWSOME craft.

  7. what a great idea ! easy enough for a child to make too.
    I have made small lap blankets in this way and they look ok .

  8. they’d make great soft building blocks

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