Jewelry Organizer Frame

This Jewelry organizer is ideal for your dressing area as it keeps everything neat and tidy and on hand. You can use any size picture frame, it really depends on the size of your jewelry collection.

Jewelry Organizer Frame

What you need

Craft Glue
Jewelry or Picture Wire
Picture hooks
Picture frame (no glass required)
Craft foam


If a picture frame isnt big enough try this Canvas Jewelry Holder.

Start by taking the glass out of your picture frame, you can use this to cut your craft foam or thin packaging foam to size. Discard the glass as it is not required for this project.

The wire lines are used to hang hook earrings and the foam flap is used to hang your studded earrings. The wire lines you use will depend on the type of jewelry you wish to hang-up. For small hook earrings you can place the lines closer together but if you have long dangle earrings you will need to allow enough room for the height.

We made several short lines to divide up and accommodate earring styles. Layout your jewelry first to get an idea of what you need and what will fit into your frame.

Jewelry Organizer Frame

Jewelry Organizer Frame

Wire Lines:

Take your wire and cut it to length. It should be twice the size of the line you want to make so that you have enough wire to twist the ends together at the back. Straighten your cut piece of wire out in your hands and push the ends through the foam in the desired location. It should pierce the foam without much effort. Once it is through the foam secure the ends at the back by twisting them together. Flatten out the wire to make sure that it sits flat in the frame later. Make as many of these wire lines as you will need.

Foam Flap:

The foam flap is made with an off cut of foam. It will depend on the size of your frame and also how many stud earrings you have to hang. The flap should be big enough that you can get your hands behind it with ease as you will need to do this to secure the back of your earring studs. Our flap is 2 inch x 6 inch (5 x 15 cms) in size. Secure the flap at one end with some craft glue and allow it to dry.

Necklace Hooks:

For this we used large 20 lb picture hooks so that we could hang larger, heavier earrings. For fine chains you could add some smaller hooks or even some small brass nails. Secure these with craft glue to the bottom of your frame or hammer them in with a hammer.

Finish off your frame by placing the foam into the frame as you would a picture. Apply some craft glue to the backing board to secure the foam piece in.

Decorate your frame with small trinkets, gem stones or with broken and odd earrings as we did.

Hang it on the wall!

If you want to stand it up on a bench (you wont be able to hang necklaces from the bottom this style, just add the hooks to the upper outer corners so that your necklaces hang down the sides of the frame rather than from the bottom)

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  1. Great idea… Like the idea of hooks for necklaces on the bottom and decorating it with odd earrings and broken pieces…

  2. 1

  3. i love this idea and made one with an old window frame that still had the screen in it. i still hung the wires and put in the hooks, but it was much easier with the screen

  4. sammie original says:

    i love this idea i did it without the wire just added all sorts of different styles of hooks as well as the picture hooks and those little hooks people use for hanging net curtins up with ive added the the top of the frame for my earrings i got so fed up with my necklaces being all over the place and could never find what i wanted so this is a great idea thanks =)

  5. Great instructions and good idea. I plan on making this….except I will use 2 or 3 frames. One or two will hold only necklaces–they will hang from hooks at the top of frame so they will be “framed” inside the frame. The other one will be for earrings/necklaces. I think this would work well for my daughters’ hairbows also, just modified so I can clip them on.

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