Independence Day Layout

Independence Day Layout

This is a layout made from Accents 2 Scrapbooking Independence Day Theme Pack!

What you need

Independance Day Theme Pack


In this theme pack there is:

2 theme papers
1 sheet of blue cardstock
1 sheet of red cardstock
1 Poem Page
1 cut-out Tags page
Coordinating stickers

For this layout you will need the sheet of blue cardstock, 1 piece of the themed paper and half of the sheet red cardstock.

First take the blue cardstock and lay it flat on your working surface. Next tear off a corner of the theme paper to place in the upper right hand corner, make this large enough that you can tear it diagonally. ( note layout and how the paper has been torn) Also be sure to rip this paper with the wording up!

When you have it torn it to your desired shape, simply match up the outside corners and glue it down. Next tear off enough of the themed paper to make a corner for the bottom left hand corner. Take note of the layout, notice that the bottom paper is torn larger than the right hand corner one, also be careful to rip the paper so that the outside corners will be able to be glued to the blue paper keeping their straight edges and the wording right side up. Glue this piece of paper down also.

On this layout the poem is used. Cut the poem out, keeping the blue edge around it. In our layout we used a squiggle blade to cut this out. Use any blade that you like or simply keep the edges straight. We also used our shape boss embosser to put a couple embossed stars on the poem to add a little definition effect. You can choose to add anything you like or nothing at all, but cut the poem out using the blue border around it for definition against the paper. Once the poem is cut out set it aside. While cutting, cut out 2 flags and also the 4th of July button. Set these aside until you arrange your page.

Next use the sheet of red cardstock and cut out the mats for your photos. Once again we used the squiggle blade but any blade of your choice will do or even straight edges. Once you have cut out your mats for your photos, use your favorite adhesive and attach your photos to them.

Now arrange your photos and poem to your desire! We have arranged one matted photo on the top left hand corner, (down and away from the sides a bit) and one matted photo at the bottom right hand corner, (up and away from the sides a bit). Our poem is place in the left hand bottom corner. Glue the 4th of July button in the right hand corner on the torn paper. Next glue the flags as shown on the layout with one staggering down a bit from the other. There are many ways to arrange photos on a page so take your time and choose what you like best.

Don’t forget to add your journaling. Here we added stickers (not included in Theme Pack) for a date and accent along with a bit of computer generated journaling that we matted and placed on the page.

Our theme packs are designed to make scrapbooking easy and affordable. With this one page layout we have used only a portion of the pack, there is still plenty of ideas waiting to be used on the next page!

For this layout we used:

1 piece of All American by Doodlebug

Poem by Accents 2
Flags by Accents 2 Scrapbooking
4th of July button by Accents 2 Scrapbooking
1 blue 80 lb cardstock
1/2 red 80 lb cardstock

Accents 2 Scrapbooking offers a variety of scrapbooking products at reasonable pricing. You will find our own originally designed Theme Packs, Poem Pages, Tags and Vellum Phrase Pages, as well as a variety of supplies, and storage. Come join Deb and Laura on the web for Scrapbooking fun, Yahoo Group, our Newsletter filled with discount coupons and sales and our own Design Team Ideas!


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