Flower Pen Pot

For this craft project you can use a plain terracotta pot or you can paint your pot using craft paints.

Flower Pen Pot

What you need

Terracotta Pot Or Flower Pot
Flower Head
Green florist tape
Clay or Plaster of Paris.


For this project we are using clay but you can also use Plaster-of-Paris.

Start by filling your pot with the clay and pressing it down firmly. Press your pen lid into the pot firmly till it is all the way in. This will form the holder for the pen when it is not in use. Set aside and allow it to dry.

Using your green felt cover the clay or Plaster-of-Paris by gluing down the felt and trim away any excess.

Take your pen and remove the top off the pen. Using the florist tape we are going to bind the pen. Florist tape sticks to itself when stretched so as you roll the pen you need to pull the tape tight as you wind.

Make sure you do not leave any gaps or the pen will show through. You can unwind this and try it again until you get it nice and flat. It’s a little tricky but easy when you know how so have a few goes until you are happy with the result.

Place some glue onto the top of your pen and push your flower into the hole we left earlier by removing the top. Hold it firmly until it glues.

If you have leaves you can thread these onto your pen and secure with a little glue. Now your pen is finished!

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  1. I like this project a lot. Actually, I’ve done a variation of it for Christmas 2010. I used regular polka dot fabric ribbon because I don’t like the glue in the floral tape. I used fabric clue in the beginning and end of the ribbon to make sure it would stay in place, and I used regular school clue for the body of the pen. I bought the smallest ceramic pot available, painted it with some acrylic paint and made white polka dots on them to match my ribbon. I used plaster or paris to fill the pot, kept a hole in the middle to hold the pen, put some flowers on the top and a nice bow to finish it up. It came out really cute and my co-workers loved it.

  2. The flower pen comes up very sticky when finished. Any idea on how to remove the stick?

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