Dish Cloth

This is a simple knitted dish cloth pattern

Dish Cloth

What you need

2 oz.(50g) Knitting Cotton
Number 6 (4.5mm)knitting needles



12 inch square (30 cm)

8 sts and 10.5 rows to 2 inch (5 cm)


y.fwd = Yarn Forward
rep =Repeat

Cast on 47 sts.

1st and 2nd rows: k.

3rd row: k.2, *y.fwd., k.2 tog., k.1; rep from* to end.

Rep. last 3 rows until 21 rows of holes have been worked.

Next row : k.
Cast off.


  1. Hello Fellow knitters :) just going to try this pattern out, I am a beginner and was wondering on row 4 it says repeat last 3 rows… does that mean start from the first and second rows that say knit. so am i knitting the next 2 rows then doing the yo/k2tog row then repeat? does this make sense? I’m sorry, like I said I am a beginner:) Thanks.

  2. I’m guessing that you mean yo (yarn over) instead of y.fwd. You may want to correct that for beginners.

  3. Very easy project to do for a beginner like myself. Thanks so much

  4. i have one of these and i think that they are better then the ones that u buy at the store …. they are like sooo helpful seems like a great idea to do for a skewl projesct! xP

  5. I’ve been making my own dishcloths for years (mind you, not as fancy) and if nothing else i find that they last much longer than shop bought ones!!!!

  6. Great! Simple & quick to knit up. Note: yfwd = yo. I used size 8 needles and added one more row of knit at the end to even out the pattern, since the first 2 rows were knit, I wanted to end in 2 rows of knit. Also, bind off loosely.

  7. avismarie17 says:

    I have been looking for some different patterns for dishcloths as I make them for my daughter.

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