Cloth Bib Purse

This project is so quick and easy to make and can be used for a variety of uses. I turned my bibs into a purse and also a hangup bag for baby bits in the nursery.

Cloth Bib Purse

What you need

2 Identical Cloth Bibs
Sewing machine
Optional Coat Hanger


You could use rubber backed bibs for wet items, such as dirty wipes, wet cloths etc.

You just throw it into the washing machine to clean it.

Start by placing your two bibs together right sides facing each other. Then sew around the outside edges.

Turn it right side out and your basic purse is made.

You can slip in a coat hanger to make a hangup bag before sewing around the edges.

You can add pockets by sewing on a small rectangle of fabric or add some bling bling by sewing in a beaded fringe.

The opportunities are endless but it’s a fun little bag that’s versatile and inexpensive to make.

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  1. Cute idea but I haven’t seen bibs like this in my town in years :(

  2. I love this but i cant find any bibs like that :| plus id be kinda scared to use it as a purse but a makeup bag would be perfect

  3. This is perfect as a QUICK shower gift!

  4. this looks like a great thing to store little things in but not for a purse

  5. i LOVE this!
    but where would be the best place to find a bib that doesnt come unattached?

  6. would be great to store my clothe pegs :D

  7. I hot glued it instead of sewing it..
    && I use it as a makeup bag when I stay over..
    Seems to work so far.. <3

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