Blue Circle Valentine Sentiments Card

Blue Circle Valentine Sentiments Card

This free card making tutorial shows you how to make a blue circle card you can use for your own sentiment for Valentine's Day or other special occasions.

What you need

5″ by 7″ white folded greeting card with envelope
3″ by 7″ blue with white circles scrapbook sheet of paper
Light blue with white polka dots .5mm thick ribbon, 7″ long
Round Blue matching paper circle 3″ diameter, may use a 3D embellishment
Light Blue ink pad
“From my Heart” stamp, or any saying of your choice
3D foam dots 1/16″thin
Craft stick glue


To start making the card you first need to carefully glue your scrapbook sheet of paper on the top half of your greeting card.

With that done, you now need to place your ribbon going right below the scrapbook sheet of paper.

You may place your ribbon on, by using your 3D foam dots.

You almost have your card completed, but you need to place your round paper circle on your left hand side of the card. Leave about 0.5 mm of space between the edge of the card and the edge of your circle.

Once you have placed that on, using your 3D foam dots, now carefully dip your stamp onto your ink pad.

Make sure the ink isn’t smeared all over your stamp, otherwise it will ruin your card. Now, take your stamp and stamp it right next to your paper circle.

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