Edible Kids Slime

Edible Kids Slime

This is so much fun. Make your own slime that the kids will love to play with - and eat!

What you need

One 14- ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
One Tbs of cornstarch
10-15 drops of red or green food coloring


Pour the can of condensed milk into a saucepan.

Add the cornstarch and cook over a low heat, stirring constantly.

When the mixture thickens remove it from the heat and then add the food coloring.

Allow it to cool before playing or eating,

It can also be used as a fun paper paint.



  1. try to make more projects that don’t involve metamucil, sweetened condensed milk, liquid starch, those sort of things that not everyone has just lying around their house. make it simpler to make, so its something you could just do by grabbing two bottles and mixing them together and then plunge your hands in it.

  2. Going to make it right now

  3. I was a bit confused when I was cooking it. I didn’t know what thickness to expect out of something that had already been thick.

  4. This is sooo awesome! Me and my friend are makeing it right now 🙂 #Yummy #Yess #FunnFunn

  5. i think ill make it thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. this is so gross

  7. ty for the recipy 🙂

  8. this was SUPER sweet, I cooked it for about 40 minutes but could not get it to reach slime. It was more like a super sweet pudding. The kids enjoyed it though.

  9. cool………………………………….

  10. where can i get cornstarch

  11. I have a question can i use karo syrup for this because its the only thing i have

  12. We were not able to make the goo – it is way too sticky. And, we cooked it for about 40 min.

  13. I have a few questions. How long do you have to cook it on the stovetop for? I tried but I wasn’t able to get it transparent like the picture. Also, I need to make slime that will be good for the next day. Do you discourage putting it in the fridge?

  14. Really like that I can link this to Facebook… great chance to hint at things for my grandchildren without having to “wait” for the parents to read my email!

  15. This recipe works, but it takes FOREVER to get the mixture to fully thicken. It took me at least 45 minutes from the time I lit the stove to the time I put the food coloring in. Maybe it was because heat was pretty low. Next time maybe I’ll try “medium” heat instead.

  16. haha kool

  17. my daughter holli is having a halloween party wit her 11 year old friendz and she wanted edible slime so i hope dis workz!

  18. this is so cool!!! i love this site its the best.

  19. This site is awesome! I didn’t know how 2 make these stuff 🙂

  20. i luv this thingy thing its realy is good u should try it

  21. BraylonsMommy says

    We were not able to make it turn into goo. Is there something we are doing wrong?

  22. creativeprincess says

    Yes, you can use differant food coloring, the only thing that this really tastes like in sweetened condensed milk, because that is reallly all it is. It is really bad for you, but still a great way to have some fun!

  23. I’m using this for chemistry science fair

  24. YUM I can wait to make thi it sounds great!

  25. Is it really edible it does not look that way

  26. how long should you cook it over the stove? The kids I nanny for love it, but we haven’t been able to reach slime constancy.

  27. I have one question,can you use different food coloring?

  28. do u hav 2 add food coloring?

  29. This is so cool!I’m going to do it as a project for school.

  30. Tastes a bit like porridge. I’ve found that if you add 2T of icing sugar and a little peppermint essence it tastes pretty good.

  31. Well, I’m doing this 4 a school project, and I have to come up w/ somethin 2 sell. This seems like a pretty good idea…but i think I’m goin to add some stuff so it will taste good.

  32. countrygrl96 says

    It seems like it would taste horriable.

  33. what does the slime actually taste like?

  34. rylansaunt says

    Yeah. Does it have to be refrigerated?

  35. does this need to be refridgerated when not playing?

  36. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    It will make no more than 14 ounces of goo

  37. i would like to know how many ounces of the goo one recipe will make.

  38. fantastic idea for the little gobblins, that will eat any thing bright n gooey. many thanx

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