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Cat-Nip Sachet

Make this for: Cats! It's a perfect personalized cat toy

Cat-Nip Sachet

What you need

* 1 piece of craft felt
* Nontoxic craft glue
* Stick-on felt letters (or small letter cut from another piece of felt in contrasting color)
* Thread
* Sewing needle
* Pillow stuffing
* Organic catnip
* 8 inches of grosgrain ribbon
* Embroidery floss
* Embroidery needle


(The image above is only a sample)

1. Cut small rectangle of felt (about 3″ x 6″).

2. Fold felt in half. Seal side seams with craft glue, leaving the top edge open for stuffing. Put freshly glued edges under heavy books or use clothespins to keep closed. Allow to dry.

3. The folded edge will be the bottom of the sachet. Place pets initial in the center above the folded edge. Whether you’re using self-stick letters or ones you’ve cut from felt, you’ll want to tack down the monogram securely with needle and thread so your pet can’t eat it.

4. Stuff the sachet by alternating handfuls of pillow stuffing and catnip, leaving room to adhere the top edge.

5. Loop ribbon and put the cut edges inside the open part of the sachet. Seal sachet closed using craft glue. Put freshly glued edges under heavy books or use clothespins to keep closed.

6. Once sachet is dry and sealed, stitch around the glued edges with embroidery floss.

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  1. What if cats dont like catnip? and what if your cat doesnt have a name?

  2. Very cute for your special feline friend!

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