Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

This project shows you how to make a basic yoga mat bag. It's a great way to keep your bag clean and rolled up in between classes.

What you need

Yoga mat
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Ribbon for strap


Before you begin you will need to measure your yoga mat.

Roll up your Yoga mat and measure the length of it and the circumference and add 3 inches (7.5 cm)for the seams and add an additional 3 inches (7.5 cm) to the length for the drawstring top.

Fabric 1: My mat is 21 inch (53 cm)in length and has a circumference of 20 inches(50 cm). My fabric needs to be : 27 inches (68 cm) by 23 inches(58.5 cm).

Strap: Your strap needs to be the same length as your yoga mat bag which is 27 inches (68 cm). You can use wide ribbon, binding, string or make a strap using the same fabric bu cutting a 27 inch(68 cm) by 4 inch (20 cm) piece out and sewing it into a tube to form the strap.

Fabric 2: You will need a circle for the base of the bag. This should measure the circumference of your mat 20 inches (50 cm)and allow a 2 inch (5 cm) seam. Cut a 22 inch (56 cm) Circle out of fabric. Hem C line first.

Sew A & B together to form a tube remembering to leave the hem line open. Sew strap ends to E & F.

Pin the bottom of the tube to G then sew together. Thread your cord through the C hem.

Turn your bag the right way out and you are finished!


  1. Rachel Brandelius says

    Is there a diagram to go with this? What parts are A, B, C, D, E, F and G?

  2. good clear instructions. Thanks

  3. This is a great design, easy to follow and works really well. I loved the finished product. I sewed the strap into the sideseam and this worked well.

  4. I hate yoga

  5. Wow, this looks great. I can’t wait to make it. I am thankful to the person who posted it. 🙂 Thanks.

  6. this took me an hour to do but i’ll love it for my yoga club!!!

  7. I’m really excited to make this, but I have no idea what to get. The purplish material in the picture seems perfect and waterproof, but I have no idea what it’s called. Someone want to help me out there? Thanks.

  8. yay!

  9. There’s one more place where it still says “Diameter” instead of circumference. (And neither needs to be capitalized.)

    I made this for myself, now I’m making holiday gifts for a couple friends. Really handy pattern–thanks for posting!

  10. wow! thank you so much!!

  11. This turned out really cute. I had to improvise a little to get it to work.

  12. How and when do you sew on the strap?

  13. love it, use to carry my quilts.

  14. The instructions look good, except that they say ‘diameter’ and I think it should read *circumference* (when rolled). A 20 inch diameter is just impossible.

  15. ari*saurus*rex says

    this will be perfect for my yoga mat….i’m so excited to make one!

  16. I think a major error was made in the directions. I think you it should read circumference and not diameter. The base circle is huge.

  17. I don’t sew, and I made this in a bout 2 hours! I also used tapestry, and it STILL cost less than a generic mat bag from Target. Terrific directions and idea!

  18. I made this bag over the weekend, and it was very easy. I finished in less than 2 hours. But I have to admit that I used better instructions that I found on another site, for measuring the correct dimensions of my yoga mat. They actually worked.

  19. this is great! im gonna make one for my mom

  20. love the mat in a bag.easy and simple.

  21. a fab and good-looking, easy to make bag. top marks!

  22. Easy and functional! Makes a great present for a yogi!

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