Knitted Yellow Chick

Knitted Yellow Chick

This free knitting pattern shows you how to knit an adorable little yellow chicken perfect for Easter time or as a Baby gift. He is 6 inches tall.

What you need

Size 6 US (8 UK) (4 mm) needles
one 50 g ball of (powder puff) yarn in yellow.
One 50 g ball of (8ply) in lemon.
Scrap pieces of orange and white felt.
Strand of black wool for the eyes.
Toy Filling/wadding


Body first- begin at the bottom

with 2 strands of yarn -powder puff and lemon 8ply cast on 13 stitches

1) knit into the back of every stitch .

2) knit twice into every stitch (26)

3) knit

4) knit

5) (knit 2 knit twice into the next stitch) to the end (34)

6) knit

7) knit

8) (knit 2 knit twice into the next 2 stitches) to the end (50))

9) knit

10) knit

11) knit

12) knit

13) (knit 2 knit 2 together twice) to the end (34)

14) knit

15) knit

16) knit

17) knit

18) (knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end (26)

Change to one strand of yarn ( lemon 8ply)

19) knit 14 rows.

34) (knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end (13)

35) knit

36) knit 1 knit 2 together 6 times.

Thread yarn through the remaining stitches draw up and secure.

Wings – using the same two strands as for the lower body cast on 4 stitches

1) knit 12 rows

Next 3 rows –

knit 2 together knit 2

Knit 2 together knit 1

Knit 2 together thread yarn through the remaining stitch and secure.

Body – make up.

Stitch around your cast off stitches and draw up now stitch the sides once you have filled your chick stitch around the cast on edge , draw up and secure. Run a stitch around the neck to distinguish the head.

Stitch your wings in place.

Cut out your feet, beak and face ( cut double feet and beak) single face piece.

Stitch both pieces of the  beak and feet pieces together with a blanket stitch.( stuff your beak slightly )

Once you have stitched your face piece on . position your beak and stitch into place

Glue your feet on the bottom, to finish make two eyes with French knots done in black wool.

And here is a variation of him in brown.



  1. Oh, my goodness! This is adorable! I have never knitted anything but scarves and hats, so I’m going to give this a try!

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