Wreath – Summer Flowers

Wreath – Summer Flowers

This garden door wreath with add a little summer to your front door. The simple design uses wool and a pool noodle to create this chunky look.

What you need

2x Green (different shades) of feather wool/ yarn
Pool noodle
craft glue
flower embellishments
faux leaf craft picks


To create this project you first need the Pool Noodle Wreath base tutorial to create the foam base.

Start by tying the end of your wool to the wreath. It will take some time but you need to wrap the wreath in the yarn until you can no longer see the pool noodle.

Work your way around the wreath by slightly turning as you wrap. Once complete tie it off and secure with craft glue.

We mixed two shades of feather yarn together to get a natural grass look.

Finish off by gluing on your summer embellishments.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!