Wreath – Butterflies

Wreath – Butterflies

This free craft project shows you how to make a decorative wreath for your home. Perfect to get the kids involved and it makes a great gift idea for Christmas or Mother's Day!

What you need

Card stock
paints or stickers
ribbon for hanging


Using this Butterfly Template cut out 4 butterflies of each size out of card.

You can use recycled card from cereal boxes, packaging etc to help recycle.

Cover one side of each star with decorative scrapbooking or even a funky wall paper you have selected.

You can also hand paint the butterflies to suit your design. Alternatively you might like to use ready made butterfly stickers which you can then stick onto card (for strength) and then add them to the wreath. You could even use a colored stamp and let the kids color the butterflies in.

To make the base/wreath cut a large circle out of card. We used a large round plate and then a small saucer plate for the inner circle.

Cut out the middle so you have a ring.

Glue the butterflies onto the wreath in random places, allowing them to overlap one another as shown in the picture.

Glue a ribbon or cord onto the top for hanging.

All done!


  1. I love the creations and the way you make things I enjoyed this website

  2. Just a question about the instructions. What is meant bycover one side of each star?
    What star? There is not astar mentioned otherwise. HELP

  3. Very nice! This would look super cute on the outside of a little girls bedroom door:)

  4. Wow this is so pretty, just perfect for a Mom and Daughter project! Keep up the great work, from Cape Town.

  5. its an wondrrful project…it really add beauty to your house..one must try it…

  6. This is very neat! I enjoy this website and all it’s fabulous ideas. I defineltely giive this projext 5 stars!

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