Water Bottle Tote

Water Bottle Tote

This project shows you how to make a bottle bag tote using around 1/2 yard (1/2 meter) of fabric.

What you need

1/2 yard (1/2 metre) of Fabric
Sewing machine


You will need to cut out the following pieces.

3.75 inch (9.5 cm) wide circle for the base.

12x 10inch (30cm x 25cm) Rectangle piece for the bag.

2 straps 12 inch x 2.5 inch (30cm x 6cm)

Step 1:

Fold the bag section in half along the longest side to leave you with a folded bag 6 x 10 inch (15 x 25 cm). You need to sew along the 10 inch (25 cm) open side to make a tube.

Step 2:

Sew in the base, secure with pins first if you need to.

Step 3:

Hem the top of the bag around a 1 inch (2.5 cm) hem.

Step 4:

Fold your straps in half and sew them closed. Turn right side out.

Step 5:

Fix your straps in place with the seam at the back.

Note: To make a stronger bag use double the fabric.

These bags can be made from recycled fabric, recycled Jeans and even fabric sample books.


  1. This is a really cute idea with some alterations it can be a very functional water bottle carrier.

  2. This was a great easy project that I made so my son could keep his metal drink bottle from getting his papers wet inside his backpack.

  3. i think this is a great project especially if your walking or something like that you could make a long handled strap for free hands. i would probably make one that is a little bit longer, do another round piece and put a zip on it so that if you bring it somewhere, like to the beach, your drink bottle wont get dirty. but excellant project especially for kids.

  4. Finally i dont have to carry my drink!

  5. looks fun

  6. Great project! This is so easy to make and it’s fun to see the finished water bottle holder. I’m a beginner and I’ve been looking for an easy pattern for a while, but this solved my problem and gave me something to do. Thanks!

  7. turtlefuss says

    great idea, thanks.

  8. I made these for my kids to hang on the bike handlebars, they love them!

  9. im going to make some of these with one long handle so I can carry around my shoulder and have my hands free!

  10. great idea love it

  11. what a great idea… especially while on vacation at a theme park..

  12. This is a good idea, but I’ve made these using a tute at pink chalk studio. It is insulated and really does keep drinks cold. http://pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/2006/07/10/whiplash-challenge-water-bottle-carrier/ Check it out

  13. this is exlent. I have a friend’s b-dday coming up and I’ve been looking for a pattern for a while now thank you! 🙂

  14. pink_monkey says

    You could fill the tote bag with something that will act like a Thermos

    Luv it …

  15. ilovehorses says

    Wonderful Just what i ned for this summer
    thank u!!!

  16. Great idea. I’m going to line it in towelling to soak up the moisture (remembering also to dry it out!)

  17. coffeejunkie says

    very cute! i love the idea. i may change to just one strap and put a snap on it to attach it to my babies stroller. thanx for the awesome craft

  18. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I have converted it to metric for you

  19. I like the idea but converting from metric to inches isn’t as easy as it sounds. I tried it on another craftbits pattern and gave up.

  20. This is a great way to keep condensation from the outside of the bottle from getting everything wet! Such as when you put your bottle in your bookbag or purse.

  21. great, easy way to tote a water bottle, my kids love them

  22. I saw one of these what an excellent idea so our water bottles will not get mixed up. Thank You

  23. I am going to make one of these bags for each girl on my daughter’s softball team and embroider their names on them–that way, no mix ups! I may put clips on them so they can clip them to the fence. I will make them out of fabric that I will insulate.

  24. It has been proven that regularly drinking water encourages concentration – hence most schools in UK now encourage children to have their own water bottle with them during lessons. This project could be a really useful fundraiser for schools fetes etc

  25. why would you need one

  26. Guest #1: I’m sure you could figure out the conversions yourself. Don’t be lazy.

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