Vinyl LP Record Bowl

Vinyl LP Record Bowl

Convert an old LP record into a bowl.

What you need

1 old vinyl Record
Oven proof dish
Oven mitts


Start by heating your oven to it’s highest setting around 250 Degrees Celsius or 480 Fahrenheit.

Place a sheet of aluminum on the bottom of your oven purely as a precaution in case it melts beyond rescue to avoid a massive clean up job.

Take your record and place it onto the oven tray over a bowl to help it shape and slide it into the hot oven. It will only take a few minutes for the record to become soft and flexible. Using your oven mitts take the record out as soon as it looks soft.

It will start to droop and deform when it is becoming soft, that is when it is ready to work with.

Place the oven mitts on and working quickly remove the bowl and the record from the oven. Turn the bowl the right way up and push the record into the bowl to shape it into the same shape as the bowl or work it into shape over the bowl if your bowl is small.

You will only have around 30 seconds to work so work quickly, if you are too slow or don’t like the shape of your bowl then place it back into the oven and start again.

Allow it to cool and its ready to use.

You can also use these bowls for planters by drilling a few extra holes into the bottom or better still turn them into a funky hanging basket for either plants or storage.


  1. Great idea. I am going to make some planters.

  2. Iam having a 70’s disco party for my hubby and this is a great idead very cool

  3. Hmmm, interesting. I should try it

  4. I have boxes of unwanted LP’s – they get “dumped” on me at my favourite auction house – a box for R 10.00 because no-one wants to bid on them. Dealers don’t want them as they’re nothing special – as far as I am concerned, rather turn them into something that is funky and of use than just send them to the local rubbish dump. I’ve seen very attractive handbags made from LP’s too but that involves drilling holes and joining more than one moulded LP to another – a tad too much work for me.

  5. I think this is a great project! Just tried this myself and think they turned out great! To those of you upset about ruining records,are you really gonna let the scratched up worthless ones collect dust or sit in a landfill?? No one is asking u to melt down good ones!

  6. My mom & I used to do this when I was about 10, I’m 69 now. Grandmaw Kay

  7. that`s pretty neat!!! I `ll be doing that at my local library

  8. I am using these as the “basket” in my Christmas gift baskests, I am doing everything “green” and homemade, so this fits in perfectly! They are super easy and every one just loves how they look.

  9. When I was a kid my mother did this with old records. After shaping and cooling the record, she spray painted it gold. She filled it with greenery, pinecones and red ornaments and made a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece.

  10. any ideas on how to block the hole at the bottom of the bowl?

  11. I’m not sure if I would want to eat from it. I used an old record that was scratched and unplayable and painted the label a bright blue.

  12. fun..mention adult supervision required if addressing to the kids..

  13. My kids and I made this for their dad. It was easy and looks great!

  14. I’ve done this. Great idea for all those old lp’s! It holds a whole bag of microwave popcorn. Grandkids love having their own bowls.

  15. I did this for a school presentation it was so easy to do and everyone was impressed and i got an A!!! I luv this keep up the good work!

  16. It’s great! I have some old LP, just I try.

  17. cool idea…. who cares about damageing records when there only 0.50c from the sallies

  18. AWESOME! great for a music lover-cheap too…I bought a record from Good Sammy’s for $2!

  19. I love doing this, For all those concerned about destroying good lp’s I olny use damaged, unplayable ones.

  20. what a waste of records!

  21. very nice, also saw these at a craft expo. very creative!

  22. Just what I was looking for to do with yd sale LP’s. Saw it on TV once. Thanks for the instructions!

  23. omg as if you’d do that to an lp!!

  24. Fantastic idea to add individuality to the dining set!

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