Bruise & Wound Healer

Bruise & Wound Healer

This is a traditional way to heal wounds using turmeric with a simple DIY paste.

What you need



Mix turmeric and water together to form a paste to make this traditional wound healing cream.

It dries out pimples and reduces bruising.

Apply it to the skin for several hours, then exfoliate the yellow stain off the skin.


  1. it does not say in what quantities of each ingredient is needed. is it equal parts water and tumeric? and what does the coconut oil (posted by a comment/review) actively do in addition to the tumeric/water paste?

  2. Turmeric works well with few drops of coconut oil,make a paste and apply to bruises,sores or wound.Its also good for acne and marks.

  3. Arnica gel will do the same, even for deep muscle bruising without rubbing yourself raw trying to get rid of the very yellow staining that turmeric will leave. Common sense here, if you have a bruise the last thing you want to do is scrub that area of your skin!

  4. It works well. Although… it would be nice if there was a recipie for bruising caused by pimples.. uh.. you know what I mean..

    But (: Thanks for the recipie

  5. This is great. But I have 2 questions? Does it burn and are you allowed to put it on an open wound?

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