How To Make A Huge Santa Sack

How To Make A Huge Santa Sack

This Christmas sewing project shows you how to make a huge Christmas Santa sack.

What you need

Cut two pieces of red Poly cotton ( 28 in x 39 in) (71 cm x 100cm )
1 Christmas Cushion print from fabric store.
3 inch felt letters


Using a cushion panel, cut out the center piece and stitch it to one piece of the red polly cotton. Leave more border at the top as you will need to make a hem for the draw string.

Now cut out the letters in felt or use store bought ones. You can get card letters quite cheap from most discount shops.

Set the letters out evenly at the top. Sew them in place and once this is complete, turn your sack inside out.  Sew both your red pieces together and make a small 1/2 inch hem at the top.

Now sew a wide piece of tape to match the red on the outside of the bag.

Sew the top and bottom of the tape so you can thread your cord through.

Thread a piece of cord through, and you are finished!


  1. It’s ok but does not look like the authentic Santa bag. However I can use the idea and finish with my idea I add the fuzzy stuff at the top or at least try. Thanks.

  2. Easy and quick

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