Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

16 Valentine's Craft Ideas that you can create with things around the house. Perfect for the kids! All these ideas are brought to us by our readers.

What you need

Various Items


Candy Cane Hearts
Use the old candy canes from Christmas to make valentine hearts. Glue them with the hooks facing each other to make a heart. You could also glue them to a piece of fun foam with a picture in the middle and decorate with lace, pom-poms, buttons and sequins. By Ruth

Vellum Card
Cut a shape out of cardstock. Cut a like shape out of velum paper. Write valentine message on cardstock. Cover with velum paper. Paper-punch 2 holes at the top. Tie together with narrow ribbon and give to sweetheart or friend.

Hand Made Wrapping Paper
Dip a heart shaped cookie cutter into a dish containing red paint. Make heart designs on a sheet of white or light pink paper. Use to wrap up your Valentines Day gifts. By Barbara Wright

Heart In Your Hands
Scan an adult hand into the computer-in the hand insert a heart (clip art). In the heart place a scanned photo of a child or other loved one with the saying “you carry my heart in your hands”. Heat transfer image onto the article of your choice. i.e ties, t-shirts, napkins, boxers, handkerchiefs, etc. By Deanne Knutter

Floral Lampshade
With a glue gun paste the tops of plastic flowers or roses on a lamp shade. This adds color and beauty to any room during Valentine’s Day and beyond!. By Lucie Lecuyer

Candy Box Frame
The little boxes that candy hearts come in. Empty the candy, and place a picture behind the little heart shaped window. Add magnetic tape and this makes a cute refrigerator magnet. By Julie

Card House
Make a Valentine house for your cards using cardstock. Cut out the sides with red. The roof with Black, and make shutters with pink with red hearts. Make the door pink with a red heart wreath on it! It would be a great box for your kids to take to school!. By Susan Craig

Candy Filled Heart
Draw a heart on white paper, cutout a second identical heart and decorate one side of the heart with glitter etc, then purchase heart shaped chocolates. Spread PVA glue around the outside of the heart, leaving a space in the top in order to fill with candy. when dry, fill heart with candy and reseal. by Tess Cardinal

Foam Heart
Cut out a photo frame from foam core board. Cover it with red velvet flocked paper. Embellish with various punched out hearts, fibers, buttons, glitter, etc. By tammy Jackson

Create a mousepad from a Valentine Scrapbook page. It will have an I Love You message that can be read and treasured all year long. By Thena Smith

Gift Vouchers
I used different coloured paper to make vouchers for my loved one for various jobs and favours that I knew he would love. He simply ‘redeemed’ his vouchers with me for whichever item he wanted. It was a great gift that he loved. By Ingar

Milk Carton Box
Heart shaped Chocolates in a heart shaped box made from an milk container. Cut the a 1L carton in half and cut the sides to make heart shapes. Make a handle with the left over bits. Paint it red or cover with red paper. Fill with chocolates. by Sharmaine

Heart Mobile
Making a mobile out of love hearts from different scrap materials and textures. by Michelle Burpee

Love Scrapbook
My daughter and I just worked on a scrapbook of her and her boyfriend’s first year together. Advice: Save ticket stubs to places you go and take lots of pictures. We started running out of things to put in there. It turned out well though. By Doonna Thomas

Valentines Wreath
Paint different sizes of wooden hearts pink, red and white. Write names of your kids, grandkids, whoever on the hearts. Add other painted hearts without names and glue them to a grapevine wreath. Add a valentine ribbon bow and a painted wood sign that says grandma’s sweethearts or mom’s sweetheart’s. By Darla Lewis

Conversation Hearts
Cut out little red hearts and write on them a reason why you love your significant other. Place them all in a candy dish with a lid. On valentine’s Day you special one will think that you have brought them candy. When they open the package they will find SWEET little notes telling them why they are your cupcake! They will savor each and every little morsel of love that you share with them!. By Tammy Lynne


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  3. love the wreath idea. I had already planned to have my son’s make wreaths for their teachers for Valentine’s Day. I’m now going to get the teachers out of the room and have each student write their name on a heart. Then I’ll add the hearts to the grapevine wreath with the other things I had already planned to put on the wreath. Thanks for the ideas!

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