Halloween Fingers

Halloween Fingers

This is a great party decoration for any Halloween or fright night. These freaky fingers can be added into bowls of sweets or chips so that when kids place there hands in to get some food they grab hold of a freaky finger instead.

What you need

Disposable rubber gloves
Plaster of paris
Skin colored and red acrylic Paints
Elastic band


Purchase some Plaster Paris or other casting plaster and follow the directions on the packet.

Make up enough plaster to fill the fingers of the gloves. To measure this fill the fingers in the glove with water and pour into a measuring cup. This is the amount of plaster mix you will require.

There is no need to prepare the gloves as we will just rip the glove off afterwards. Pour your plaster mix into the fingers of the glove and tie off with a rubber band to stop the mix running out.

Sit the filled glove down on a flat table or hang it up to allow it to set.


Once the plaster has set remove the glove and take out the fingers. Break off any mis-shaped pieces.


You should have what looks like a broken off finger.


Use your paints to paint the stumps of the fingers red like dripping blood and the other parts a natural skin color.



  1. wouldn’t it look and feel more realistic if you carved your fingers out of carrots and let them sit out on the counter till they’re leathery? that’d be cool.. just a thought.

  2. easy yet so cool:D:D:D

  3. it is an awesome idea

  4. OMG the kids love it at the party

  5. not that good, because they cant be actually like, worn on the actual fingers or sumthin like thatu could like put on another glove and put the glove with the plasterofparis in it on,waitfor it to dry take it off and put them on,but this is pretty useless

  6. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    sorry fluffyjo but what was wrong with it???!?!

  7. Super spooky sweet idea!

  8. love to see pics.but great idea

  9. Not very good. (no hate mail please)

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