Valentines Card – You Make Life Happy

A handmade Valentine's Day Card with a lot of feeling.

Valentines Card – You Make Life Happy

What you need

5 x 7 yellow greeting card with envelope
4.5 x6.5 decorated blue/green/yellow paper (including a circle cut out)
Thin yellow ribbon
Craft stick glue
"You make my life happy" embellishment
1 large white circle
1 medium yellow circle
1 small deep yellow circle
Flower embellishment matching with the paper


This lovely card may look complicated, but it’s really not.

To make this card, begin by gluing the decorated multicolored paper onto the yellow card.

Next glue a strip of the yellow ribbon, directly in the center of the card.

Now, layer and glue the paper circles. Layer them from largest to smallest, just as pictured.

Once you have layered and glued everything onto the card, place your flower right in the center of the small deep yellow circle.

And last, place your “you make my life happy” embellishment right underneath the layered circles.


  1. awesome!!!!

  2. Wow, very neat. I like this card alot!! It’s so colorful.

  3. That’s cute.

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