Valentines Card – Cherish Everyday

Valentines Card – Cherish Everyday

This Valentine's day card making project shows you how to make an elegant "Cherish Everyday" card which is perfect for loved ones and friends.

What you need

5″ x 7″ white folded greeting card with envelope
5″ x 7″ decorated scrapbook sheet of paper
1″ x 4″ green cardstock paper
“Cherish every day” scrapbook embellishment sticker
Craft stick glue


First, by taking your craft stick glue, glue your decorated scrapbook sheet of paper onto you greeting card.

Next, carefully glue your green cardstock in the bottom right hand side corner. But leave about 0.5 mm of space on the sides of the green cardstock.

Now, stick your “cherish every day” sticker right in the middle of the green cardstock.

All done!


  1. Beautiful!

  2. The card is definatly simple yet cute. I like that alot.

  3. always enjoy new ceafts

  4. simple, yet good idea for an anytime card.

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