Utterly Easy Crochet Bracelet

Utterly Easy Crochet Bracelet

This crochet pattern for a utterly easy bracelet was contributed by (c) Gayle Francis Designs, 2006-2007.

What you need

Small amount of worsted weight yarn
[Lily’s Sugar and Creme, 100% cotton, and Caron Simply Soft, 100% acrylic, shown]
H hook


Ch 6 Row 1: Sk first stitch. Sc in next five stitches Ch 1, turn [Ch 1 does not count as a stitch in any row] Row 2: Sc in next 5 stitches. Ch 1, turn Row 3-40*: Repeat Row 2 To join: fold piece so that ends are together and ss across. Fasten off, cut yarn, weave in ends. *40 rows makes a small bracelet.

To test for fit, hold ends together and try to slide over hand.

Add or remove rows if needed to make bracelet proper size.


  1. As a crochet novice I could do with a glossary or something to explain what the codes mean please….

  2. 1

  3. This was super easy…worked up fast. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This would also make a great dog collar… especially if you felt it!!!… and maybe add to the width. SOOO CUTE!

  5. Nice, going to make one in a ‘while!

  6. kevychevy says

    This project is very awesome, and am going to make lots of them. Here’s a great idea to spruce things up a bit, add some beads and make something of your own. This site is one of the best sites that I have signed up too and have gotten tons of project ideas and how-to’s too. I love this site.
    Oh and you can get hooks just about anywhere there is Yarn, and they only cost a couple of bucks, I would say no more that 3 dollars a peice. But that is based on what type and brand you want to buy. The best bet is to buy the package deal with a lot of different sizes that have the more common hooks used for projects. Trust me it is worth the extra bucks to just go out and do it that way instead of buying them one at a time, thats where they get ya on money!
    Happy Crocheting Everyone.

  7. This site is so lovely, and many of these I can make, and I am a beginner! Very simple and to the point instructions, and I LOVE IT!!

  8. OMG I would love to try this. Gonna make it now!

  9. littlemoppet says

    Quick, cute & super easy!!! IVe made 3 already!!!

  10. purplemittens says

    Cool these could make great cat collars too thanks!

  11. great idea for scrap yarn! hooks available at any store that sells yarn. h hook is the size hook needed.

  12. I love the idea, but what the heck is an H hook and where do you get them and how much are they? (I am on a budget here)

  13. Vary cool gift to give to friends. I have even had people want to buy them.

  14. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    trescute! i love it!

  15. Nice, quick knitting project, Thanks!

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