Upcycled Crystal Cake Stands

Upcycled Crystal Cake Stands

This project shows you how to up-cycle grannies old crystal and turn it into a functional cupcake stand, cake stand or multi tiered food server.

What you need

Old Crystal Glasses and plates or fake it with imitation glassware.
Silicone Glass Glue


For this project you are going to want to gather some assorted crystal or glass plates, bowls and glasses. You can create many different combinations (as shown in pictures).

Make sure your glassware is clean and free from any grease or the silicone glue will not stick.

When creating your combinations make sure your stand is not “top heavy” otherwise it might be too unstable to use. You can test this by simply applying pressure on the top as if you would are picking up food from the plate.

Once you are happy with your layout and combinations simply use silicone glue to adhere them together. Silicone glue dries clear and can be found in any hardware store. Make sure you follow the setting directions on the brand you have purchased.

It’s that simple.

Here are a few different combinations to inspire you.







  1. I like it in theory. I’ll have to play with some combinations to see if I can come up with something I’d actually like to keep or give as a gift.

  2. buenisimo

  3. What an Amazing way to create, Vintage from Vintage!

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