Up-cycled Bottle – Christmas Song Sheet Decoration

Up-cycled Bottle – Christmas Song Sheet Decoration

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to take an upcycled Wine bottle or Whiskey bottle and create a handmade Christmas decoration.

What you need

Recycled wine or glass bottles
Sheet music
White craft glue
Ribbons or embellishments
Battery operated lights
Spray paint


This Christmas craft is a fun way to use upcycled and recycled Glass bottles. You can use Wine Bottles, Whiskey bottles etc. The shape doesn’t affect the tutorial.

Start by cleaning your bottle and allowing it to dry.

This tutorial uses sheet music to wrap around the bottle, this bottle is made with vintage sheet music but you can print off free sheet music online.  (You can see more sheet music crafts here)

If your sheet music is smaller than your bottle you maye consider spray painting the top and bottom where the glass will be exposed, this is of course totally optional. You will see in this bottle it has been wrapped using jute string and secured with glue to cover the exposed bottle parts.

Create your own Modge podge by mixing 2 parts white glue to 1 part water. This creates a runny glue that can easily be painted onto the bottle. Glue your sheet music in place.

Once your music is dried finish off the bottle with roses or ribbons.

Thread your battery operated lights into the bottle and secure the battery pack at the back of the bottle, you may wish to cover the battery pack with more flowers or a ribbon.


This lovely craft project was shared by Dawn. O, who is a member of our Christmas Crafts & DIY group.   Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Christmas project Dawn!



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