Halloween Googly Eye Frame

Halloween Googly Eye Frame

Create a fun Halloween decoration using googly eyes and a craft frame. Cute for table settings.

What you need

Acrylic paint, lime green
4 x 6″ wooden photo frame
1 package of googly eyes in each of the following sizes: extra large, medium, and small.
Hot glue


1. Paint wooden frame, allowing to dry between coats.


2. Make sure the frame is completely dry before continuing, as hot glue will melt wet paint off of the frame.


3. Arrange the extra large googly eyes around on the frame and hot glue down.


4. Add in medium and small googly eyes. It’s important not to fill in every space, the lime green paint should show through in some spaces!


5. Remove hot glue residue and strings.


  1. Will normal glue work if I can’t use hot glue??

  2. Great idea and easy. I plan to place a mirror in the frame for my nephew’s room.

  3. Mrs Lynne Crouch says

    Cool love your projects so easy to follow and make ,looking forward to seeing more Thank you !

  4. that is adorable!

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