DIY Tree Ornament: Painted Glass Ball

DIY Tree Ornament: Painted Glass Ball

This free Christmas Craft shows you how to paint and personalize a simple store bought glass ball ornament.

What you need

Glass ball ornaments
Craft paints


Remove the hanger from the glass ball.

Squeeze in a small amount of craft paint (about the size of a nickel) into the ball.

Turn the ball to coat the inside evenly with the paint.

You may need to add more paint. Let it drain upside down overnight.

Turn right side up and allow to dry completely (this may take several days).

Replace the hanger and tie a bow around the top.

Experiment with different colors, using two or three colors or adding a pinch of glitter for your crafty Christmas ball.


  1. I have done this before and it looks great AND it is soo easy!

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