Tree Ornament – Foam Plate

Tree Ornament – Foam Plate

Use cheap foam plates to create tree ornaments that your kids can help you with.

What you need

Cheap Foam Plates
White craft glue slightly thinned with water
Craft knife
Printed ornament design FRONT & an exact mirror image REVERSED design for BACK.
Diamond Dust Glitter
Acrylic MATTE finish Spray Sealer


With Adult Supervision or cutting out the ornaments in advance – these CAN be made by kids!!! Print out front & back of ornament designs from personal graphics collections or coloring books!!! Allow ink to DRY well printed at “Normal” printer ink setting. Spray front of design lightly on both sides with CLEAR Acrylic spray sealer. DRY & REPEAT for design BACK.

Attach design front to foam plate  with Sobo – or white craft glue, used very thinly & slightly watered down! DRY well!! Cut out ornament front with craft knife THROUGH foam plate when DRY!!

Align & adhere BACK of printed design to foam plate ornament – DRY VERY WELL!! Punch hole in ornament top for hanger with 1/8″ or 1/4 ” hole paper punch.

Now – over waxed paper – coat ornament front with VERY thin layer of Sobo or craft glue, & immediately, LIGHTLY drizzle with Diamond Dust glitter over top & sides, DRY VERY WELL!!!Repeat for Back of ornament & DRY VERY well!!!

Attach hanging cord or ribbon! Store in plastic Zip or sandwich bags when not in use in single layers.

SAVE any Diamond Dust remaining on waxed paper – It’s re-useable!!

They Look just like “cookies” to kids, are practically weightless & will last forever!!!! ENJOY !!! Psssttt… Kids LOVE making these TOO – Just DO the cutting out steps FOR them in advance!!!


  1. great craft. You can sprinkle with sugar or salt, much cheaper if you are doing this for a group.

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