Laptop Snuggler – Men Style

Laptop Snuggler – Men Style

This free knitting project shows you how to knit a cozy snuggler for your laptop. It not only looks great on your laptop it helps protect and cover your laptop from dust and scratches.

What you need

7mm Needles
2 Strands of velor wool (double worsted 8 ply yarn)


With 2 strands cast on 24sts.

Work in Garter stitch until work measures 31 inch.

Cast off.

Sew side seams with small folded flap at one end (like a pillow case)

Sew two buttons on the folded section as shown in the picture.


Because you are using large needles, you should be able to pull aside a section for the button hole.

You can brighten it up a bit by adding a second color as shown in the picture.

Using orange add 2 stripes of orange (8 rows) on the other side.

We did a triangle:

11 stitches in brown, 2 stitches in orange, 10 stitches in brown.

P1 row brown.

10 sts in brown, 4 stitches in orange, 10 stitches in brown.

P1 row brown.

Continue in this manner until you reach 1 stitches in brown and 20 stitches in orange, 2 in brown.ย Then follow the same sequence, this time begin decreasing the orange.


  1. this is so cool. gunna try to make one for my net book.

  2. wow! the idea itself is amazing! thank u for putting it up here! ๐Ÿ˜€ im going to try and knit the word laptop across it ! big thanks x

  3. How many balls does it require? Alternatively what is the Yardage or Meterage of the project?

  4. Nice idea, but i wouldn’t want to cover an awesome laptop like that! haha!

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