Glass Tile Pendant – Twitter

Glass Tile Pendant – Twitter

This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a glass tile or glass slide pendant using a twitter image and some basic jewelry making supplies.

What you need

Glass tile or Glass slide (Available from jewelry making stockists)
Clear drying Craft Glue/Diamond Glaze/modge podge/Aleenes clear tacky glue
Scissors or Blade
Twitter Image below
Aanraku Bail


Take your twitter image (printable image below) and cut it to size to match your glass tile that will become your pendant, it should be 1-2 mm smaller than the glass tile. This allows the glue to seal around the edges.

Start by taking your image and sealing it with a thin coat of clear drying craft glue, such as modge podge or PVA glue. You can also use a spray sealer if you have it on hand. This seals the image ink and prevents any color bleeds later on.

Once your image has been sealed, you can glue it onto the glass tile/slide.

Cover the glass tile in a coat of glue and gently place the image down onto the tile.
Press the paper image down in the centre and work your way out to the edges. This allows any air bubbles to escape to the edges.

Once the image is flat against the tile apply firm pressure and make sure all the edges are well stuck down.
Finish it off by placing a little more glue on top of the paper (the back of the image) to seal the back of the pendant. Make sure the glue seals all the edges. If you are using modge podge or glue then give it 3-4 coats at least allowing it to dry between coats as this will SEAL it better. If you are using Diamond glaze or other glass like resin products then 1 thick coat is enough.

You can wipe off any excess glue from the tile using a damp cloth. You can gently sand any rough edges or any blobs of glue off once it is dry.

Finish off the twitter pendant by gluing on your aanraku bail with strong craft glue or E6000 Glue.

Glass tiles can be bought from most jewelry making supply stores online. You can also use glass slides used for science.

Try adding beads for a retro variation.


  1. Im also having the same problem with the back of my pendant. It gets dirty, looks gummy and absorbs clothing color. Ive tried contacting the seller of the glaze Im using but get no help. Can someone please recommend another product or tell me what Im doing wrong?

  2. I think the licence is for the Twitter picture

  3. Where do I find the images and on what kind of paper should they be printed on?

  4. To purchase glass tiles – Google: 1″ clear glass tiles and you’ll find several resources

  5. Thanks so much for putting up this cool tutorial. My customers are always asking me for it when they order my sheets and the supplies for this craft on Etsy. Congrats. I will be sending my customers here.

    Richard Fox
    Sinister Concept

  6. where can you find glass tiles? ive never heard of them.

  7. So adorable! i have got to make one!

  8. re: derivitive lol how long have people been stringing beads on a string? Gluing stuff to other stuff to form a pendant? Wrapping magazine around a dowel to make beads? this doesn’t seem like the kind of idea you can patent.

  9. Okay I love this project and now need to make some..I have gone to every craft place in town. Hobby Lobby, Michaels & JoAnn – no one has these and when I ask if they have any “glass tiles” size for pendant they look at me like I have 6 heads… they’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Where does one buy these tiles? Thanks a TON in advance

  10. I am new to the glass tile/pendant making scene & am having a little problem with the product I am sealing the back of the photo with. I have been using 3D crystal lacquer & it looks perfect initially, but after wearing the pendant it gets a little “gummy” & begins to look dirty on the back. Is there something that is more permanent or that lasts longer than the crystal lacquer?


    Pam Discoe

    my email is

  11. i love it!!! cannot wait to try this one!


  13. beautiful-beads says

    Can’t wait to get started! Fantastic idea!

  14. Confused by the license – no derivitives? I have seen this same style of jewelry work for years. Isn’t this a derivitive of someone else’s work?

  15. Very cute

  16. it seems to be good, it can worth for children

  17. Great project!

  18. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Our derivative cannot be derived from.

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