Aged Crackle Angel Tree Ornament

Aged Crackle Angel Tree Ornament

Make an aged looking Christmas Angel to hang on your tree this year.

What you need

White Poster Board
White Glue
School Mucilage
Fine Point Marker
Paint: Black, Ivory, Wine, Metallic Gold
Clear Varnish
Brushes, 1/2″ flat, small round, liner
map tack


1. Copy patterns onto typing paper, or photocopy the pattern. Enlarge or decrease if desired on photocopy machine. Aged Angel Crackle Pattern.

2. Transfer the patterns (outline only at this point) onto white poster board. Cut out with scissors.

3. Mix black paint and white glue half and half. Paint this mixture to cover the entire surface of the angel and the star. Allow to dry, or speed dry with a hair blow-dryer. Repeat this on the other side so that both sides of the ornament are covered.

4. Apply a glob of school mucilage onto one side of each ornament, and spread to cover evenly with 1/2″ brush. Allow to dry, or speed dry with a blow-dryer for about 30 seconds.

5. Paint over the mucilage covered surfaces with Ivory paint. Allow about 2 minutes for the crackle to establish itself. Allow to dry completely, or speed dry. Repeat on the other side of each ornament.

6. For the star, using a ruler, draw lines from each point to the point directly across with a pencil. Press firmly, as these lines will be used as fold lines to give the star dimension and form. Fold on these lines, alternating back and forth, so that the longer lines fold out, and the shorter lines fold in. Flatten again, then paint all the lines with liner brush and Metallic Gold. Also paint around the outside edges. When dry, re-establish fold lines to give the star dimension.

7. For the angel, mix ivory and wine paint for a pink color for the face. Paint face with small round, or liner. Add a bit more wine color and paint in the hearts. Paint the hair with Metallic Gold, and the lines of the halo. Also paint all around the outside edges of the angel, and the bodice on the dress.

8. Spatter the entire angel and star with Metallic Gold. When dry, coat with clear varnish. Using a map tack, punch a small hole at the top, pass string through and tie for hanging.

This Free Christmas Craft project was contributed by Emilda Harrington.

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