Kids Craft: Toilet Roll Doll

Kids Craft: Toilet Roll Doll

This kids craft project is a great rainy day activity and an inexpensive craft for kids to make.

What you need

toilet paper roll,
crayons (or any other drawing tool),
anything you can use for hair (cotton balls, ribbon, e.t.c).


Take your toilet paper roll and fold the bottom to make it look like legs.

Color your doll how you want  it and draw eyes and mouth.

Put your hair on top and you’re done!


  1. Great simple easy idea, going to use it for my preschool sunday school class, they can make the characters and play act the story. could even add iceblock stick to use as moving puppet behind a table etc. What fun. Thanks

  2. The picture is unclear, I was going to say stinko but good manners intervened,
    Consequently I have no clear notion regarding the appearance of the product.

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