Easy Summer Floppy Hat

Easy Summer Floppy Hat

Try this quick sewing tutorial and make up a floppy hat in just one afternoon! We show you how to measure and cut and sew!

What you need

1 yard of printed cotton fabric
Sewing machine and supplies
Measuring tape


1. Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head (wrap the tape around the widest part of your head) in inches. Find the following measurements:

For the top of the hat: the circumference of your head + 4/3.14 = diameter.

For the brim of the hat: diameter of top of the hat + 8 inches (more for a larger brim) = brim diameter.

For the body of the hat: head circumference + 3 = length of strips.

2. Cut:

  • 2 strips that are 4 inches wide x the strip length you measured.
  • 2 circles for the top of your hat that are the diameter you measured. It will help to find a bowl or dish that is the same or close to this diameter in order to make an even circle.
  • 2 brim circles using the brim diameter, using the same bowl/dish process as the top of the hat.



3. Using the bowl/dish from the top of the hat, center it on the brim pieces and cut out of the center.



4. Sew the two strips into separate loops along the short ends, right sides together.


4. Pin each top of hat to each sewn loop, with right sides together. Sew the seam around the edge of the top of the hat.


5. Flip one sewn hat piece right side out and place the inside out sewn hat directly inside of the right side out hat piece.



6. Put the two brim pieces together, wrong sides together. Then pin this around the outside of the sewn hat pieces.


7. Sew around the edge of this seam, making sure to sew through both the loops and both of the brim layers.

8. Sew a hem around the edge of the brim by folding under the seam as you go.




  1. Jacqueline DeBoey says

    Adorable hat. Do you have plans for a really large brimmed sun hat, one that would definitely protect the front, sides of the heat, perhaps even the back of the neck/shoulders. I get toasted walking around a hot sunny theme park all day.

    • ggdoingGeorgie says

      If you make the brim as wide to suit, you can buy wire which you sew into the outside of the brim to keep it stiff. Wire is available from hat making supplier and I would recommend the thinnest or next size up if making in lightweight fabric… You need to be careful as thin wire gets bent really easily. Hope this helps.

  2. tabatha smith says

    Love it. Looks easy and fun!

  3. This a great quick easy project! Turned our very nice–I’ll make more as gifts..

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