Time Destiny Stones

Time Destiny Stones

This little pack makes a wonderful gift. I should know as I was given one for my birthday!

What you need

20 Polished Stones
CD Marker
Organza bag for presentation


The basic idea is that you ask a question and select a stone for your answer.

First thing you need to do is take your polished stones. Try to pick flat ones that give you room to write the numbers on. Use a CD marker, paint or use a glitter pen to write the numbers 1-20 onto the stones.

Time Destiny Stones

Then print off the following card below and pop them all into a gift bag for presentation.

Printed Card

Time Destiny Stones

These stones are your own personal oracle, for those times when you feel hopelessly stuck, lost, dazed and confused.

All you need to do is ask, sincerely and simply for the correct qualities to bring to your situation that baffles you.

You need time to sort things out and the destiny stones will give you a clue to how much time will be needed.

1: Wait one day
2: You will know the answer in 2 minutes
3: Ask 3 people over 3 months
4: Wait four days
5: The answer will be clear in 5 weeks
6: Give the situation 6 months
7: Think about it for a week
8: 8 hours are all you need to work it out.
9: 9 months gives birth to the solution
10: Wait 10 days
11: Wait 11 days
12: This answer requires a year
13: Expect the unexpected
14: The answer comes slowly over a fortnight
15: You will know after 2 weeks
16: Four months should answer your query
17: The answer is clear in 17 days
18: An answer develops over 18 months
19: The solution you need has its own natural rhythm and trying to get results on a deadline wont work
20: At 20 past the hour you will understand.


  1. Lovely as gift!

  2. I love this! I do Ren Fests and such and this is a great little bit about fortune telling

  3. A very creative idea

  4. Beautiful idea!!

    Lisa http://www.craftymamas.net

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