Three Layered Bracelet

Three Layered Bracelet

You can also make this bracelet with elasticated cord so you can slip it on and off.

What you need

Seed beads(different colors)
Tube beads(different shades)
3 lengths of plastic thread or jewelry cord.


Cut 3 plastic threads of equal length.

Tie them together at one end to form a loop.

Thread multicolored seed beads randomly on to one length of thread.

Thread the next length with tube beads and then the final length with seed beads.

Tie all the lengths together and attach a clasp.

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  1. Seems like a great idea 😛 keep it up! I’m definitely going to try this 😀

  2. Needs a picture for it 2 b 5 stars if u get a pic up I will rate 5

  3. it sounds really cool.i would love to try it but a picture would be helpful.

  4. almost everyone is asking for a picture, i think it would help a lot, but cute idea.

  5. A picture might help a lot but great idea

  6. fine idea, but seems simple

  7. owsum….now i kan make a 3 layer bracelet..thx

  8. marshmellow0407 says

    Sounds good but really needs a picture!

  9. I’ll try this it souds easy 😀

  10. sweetshelley says

    it sounds great. even betta if there was a picture! thx 🙂

  11. sounds like a good idea i need a picture though! 😛

  12. Where is the picture

  13. where is a picture?

  14. Nice Idea .Picure would help!


  16. i need a picture!!

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  18. What Am I Making?
    I Need A Pic!

  19. No photos or diagrams–I want to see it before I do it.

  20. Sounds pretty easy. 🙂

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  22. A picture would be great.

  23. it is an easy & funky piece of jewellery, try it u will likeit

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