The Great Spaghetti Race Activity

The Great Spaghetti Race Activity

The object of this activity is to see which group can make the longest connecting sting of Spaghetti. The group that runs the longest connecting strand of spaghetti wins!!

What you need

Masking Tape
2 Blocks of wood


Before you share this activity with the kids, grab 2 blocks of wood and drill 3 holes in the side of it. These holes should support a spaghetti strand.

To start this activity. Tape two blocks on a separate table or counter top. You can tape them down with masking tape or anything! Once they are taped down separate the kids into two different teams.

Then have your children start the race by placing the first Spaghetti strand through the wooden brick. Sometimes it can stay in the wood block alone, other times they might need tape or glue.

When they have the first strand secured get them to grab a second strand and glue it end to end with the first strand. (I encourage my kids to squeeze the strands together for a minute so the glue sticks).

When the strands are some what dry get another strand and glue it end to end to to the spaghetti end which isn’t glued. Keep continuing the process until one of the teams gives up!

Kids can also use masking tape some of the time, but tell them that tape is heavier then glue and that the tape will wear the spaghetti down to the ground quicker.

The team that makes the longest connecting string of spaghetti wins!

I like this activity because it emphasizes team work amongst children.

When I did this activity my kids put chairs under the strands of spaghetti to assist in helping the glue to dry. Of course when they were done they had to take the chairs away as that would be considered “cheating”.

I would advise to try gluing together the spaghetti before you begin this project as some brands of pasta stick better then others.


  1. Looks great Fun!!

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