Halloween Craft: The Five Ancient Ghosts

Halloween Craft: The Five Ancient Ghosts

A fun creative idea for kids to do this Halloween!

What you need

clean jar
five (5) rocks
fiber stuffing
permanent markers


Take your clean jar.

Put fiber stuffing in it to make sure you have enough.

Take out PART of it.

Then, decorate the rocks with the permanent markers.

Put the rocks on top of the layer that the fiber stuffing and put the rest on top of the rocks.

They only come out on the night before and on Halloween.

Write the names of the ‘ghosts’ (rocks) and what protects you from it.

Then you have the five ancient ghosts graveyard.


  1. cool thinking i made one

  2. celfan_1knit says

    very clever

  3. cool

  4. photobug1982 says

    that is so cute!! I have 5 kids ranging from 14,11,8,7,&2. I’m always looking for fun crafts to do with them. Thanks!

  5. it’s cute….why am i saying this? i submitted it!

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