Honey, Milk and Roses Bath

Honey, Milk and Roses Bath

You may not want to get out of this bath. It is that divine!

What you need

1/2 cup of milk
3 tbs of milk powder
2 tbs of honey
1/2 cup of rosewater
2-3 tsp liquid soap
approx. 6 drops of essential oil (geranium or rose)


Mix honey, milk powder and milk in a small bowl. Stir in the rosewater and the essential oil. (The honey and the milk powder do not need to dissolve completely).

Add (all of) this mixture and the liquid soap directly to the running water.

– You could also use more milk instead of the milk powder, or vice versa.

– If the honey and the milk powder are sticking to your bowl, just hold it into the running bath water. They will dissolve quickly.

– I would not recommend this as a gift, because it would probably mold if it was kept too long.

– A little bit of red food coloring could also be nice…


  1. You make rosewater. boil about 2 cups of water and pour in to a bowl, then add some rose petals. Let it sit for 30-60 minutes and remove the petals.

  2. I bought mine in an Asian food shop…

  3. Where can you get rosewater?

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