Thanksgiving Pinecone Turkey

Thanksgiving Pinecone Turkey

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and mum is going to need some decorations around the house and for the table. Why not help out by making her a pine cone turkey.

What you need

Large Pine cone
Orange Chenille’s (the kind that get big and small) or Pipe Cleaners
Hot Melt Glue or Liquid Glue
Craft Eyes


The easiest way to describe this project is to tell you to look at the picture above. With Chenille you form it to make the feet for the tail use assorted craft feathers. Glue them in place.

For the head use the thinnest part of the Chenille for the beak and the big part for the head.

Glue two craft eyes on the head and you are done.

You can use your own ideas to get more creative but these look pretty neat.



  1. turkeys are crazy

  2. crazy weird

  3. i made this at sunday school butwe used foam fethers and glue dots, it was really easy

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