Strawberry Body Butter Stick

Strawberry Body Butter Stick

With the fragrance of strawberry, this stick may be too tempting to eat - but get the benefits by rubbing it on your body.

What you need

4 oz (115g) Sweet almond oil
4 oz (115g) Beeswax
4 oz (115g) Cocoa butter
2 tsp of Strawberry fragrance oil


Using a double boiler method melt the beeswax, and cocoa butter together.

Allow it to cool slightly then add the oils. Pour into lotion bar molds or any other container you have on hand that you think will be suitable for a stick like bar. Pour it in and allow it to harden and dry.

Then simply rub it over your body it will melt as your body heat touches the surface. You may need to store this one in the fridge in summer.


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    Great project, by the way.

  2. guest 2 may i inform you that lol can also mean lots of love which i think may have been the intended acronym in this situation as a means of saying thank you for the recipe 🙂

  3. This looks lovely, thanks! Do you think coconut oil could be subbed for the beeswax?

  4. guest #1: doesn’t anybody know what LOL means? it means LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!!!! Don’t try to be cool when you don’t even know what it means. it ends up looking stupid and weird. Lovely project, thanks. LWYL (let me define myself: Laugh With You Later!)

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