Keep-On Bib

Keep-On Bib

This is GREAT for BABY SHOWERS and for kids and all ages to make for a new baby!

What you need

-1 curly spring shoe lace
-1 washcloth (on hand; terry cloth or crochet)
NOTE: may use a circle, square, or other shape of a piece of hemmed fabric as the bib- perhaps even a nice waterproof-material backed fabric!


Gather materials:

washcloth (on hand usually) and a curly springy shoe lace (2 for about $2 from PayLess Shoe Store). {For the bib pictured with this project, I used a thick crochetted washcloth because there are holes within the looping that made it VERY EASY to assemble the springy shoe lace through.}

If using a common terry (TOWEL) WASH CLOTH, use scissors to make a small cut (about 1/4 inch) in the corners, leaving about 1/2 inch from the top and sides between the cut and the edges.

If using a CROCHET WASH CLOTH, simply poke one of the shoe lace ends through the corner-most hole (or one or two loops inward if you’d rather). Tie in a knot once to secure this end.


When using, simply poke the loose end into the crochet corner symmetrical to the other secure corner/end. OR go ahead and assemble the bib NOW because it’s an EASY-ON bib because it stretches.

The bibs I made with the stretch shoe lace chord are NOT TIGHT. ALSO, the soft springy-ness of the shoe lace keeps the bib on the child/baby, and comfortably so!


The bib pictured has an original hand-cut applique made from white cotton fabric. I cut out a baby’s fork and spoon out of cotton, then followed the instructions on no-sew iron-on adhesive (“Heat n Bond ULTRA HOLD.” Alternately or in addition, sew/hot glue buttons, a food-catching wide pocket along the botton edge of the bib, or sew/hot glue lace/rick rack/other ribbon trim, ETC!!

Have FUN!! GOD BLESS ALL!!!!!!!!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!