Spoon Pendant

Spoon Pendant

Old silver spoons make attractive pieces of jewelry and can often be purchased at jumble sales or in markets.

What you need

Old silver spoon
Piercing saw
Half round pliers
Fine grade sandpaper
Silver polish


Using a saw remove the handle off the spoon. You will only be working with the bowl, scoop part of the spoon. Use a file to file down the rough cut edge you just made once it is smooth use the fine sand paper to sand away any filing marks left behind by the file.

Use a small drill bit to drill a hole into the tip of the spoon scoop. It only has to be big enough to allow a jump ring to thread through. You can decorate your spoon however you please. We simply added a pearl to ours.


  1. love it

  2. QueenKatherine says

    This is fantastic!

  3. wow!

  4. Really nice!

  5. This if soooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And if you save the handle, you can make a ring out of it. Just a thought.

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