SpiderMan Boxer Shorts Pillow

SpiderMan Boxer Shorts Pillow

This project makes use of those unwanted and plentiful boxer shorts that you get at Holiday times.

What you need

Boxer Shorts
Toy Filling
Sewing Machine or optional Thread.


These pillows are fun, quick to make and a great conversational piece for your lounge chair.

Step 1: Start by taking your Boxer shorts and turning them inside out. Pin and Sew along the bottom of the legs to close up the openings.



Step 2: Stuff with Toy Filling or Wadding to desired fullness. Pin and then Sew the top closed using a sewing machine or hand sewing.

Spiderman Pillow

Can’t Sew? Then the only alternative is glue. Use a strong craft glue or if you are a guy and don’t want to even know what Craft Glue is.. then try using Super Glue!


  1. I really don’t like this one. Novelty underwear for adults is awful, on display in the home – even worse.

  2. who gave you that hideous shorts!! lol…can’t imagine anyone wearing em!
    At least as a pillow it’s less of an eyesore…

  3. Perfect for “unwanted and plentiful boxer shorts that you get at Holiday times”? How does it improve things to make them into a pillow? “Man, I hate these Spider Man boxers! I wish they’d bought me a Spider Man pillow instead . . . VIOLA!”

  4. This is great. we are working on fixing up the basment for my bf and this is just the sort if thing that would look great down there and make it a little comfier for when he is laying on the floor!

  5. I’ve seen people do this with t-shirts, but boxers make for a better shaped cushion.

  6. get ova it no ones gonna no

  7. mackie13 says

    it’s a cute idea but really gross if you’re using boxers that have been on unknown butts or have been used.

  8. kool
    i like it
    are they used??? sick

  9. simply just great

  10. cute interesting and easy

  11. That is very cute! Don’t forget to check out discount stores – a lot of times they mark down adorable boxershorts because they are in sizes that do not sell well.

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