Quick Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

Quick Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

We asked our users to share with us their quick kids craft ideas for Valentine's day. If you have an idea to share add it to the comments below and we will include to the list.

What you need

Various items


Glitter Cards

My idea is to ‘jazz up’ purchased children’s Valentine cards. Run the cards through a Xyron upside-down so that permanent adhesive is on the front of the card. Then sprinkle with clear glitter for a shimmery, less than ordinary valentine card.

This would be easy and fun for the kids! If you want to be really crafty (and spend less $), you can design your own card on the computer, print it out on card stock and then add the glitter to it as described above. By Jodi

Rainbow Jars

Rub pieces of chunky chalk with sea salt to make different colours. Pour colours alternatively into a jar to make a lovely rainbow. By Sarah


Make your child’s valentine box look like a mail box. Put a flag on it to show that mail is in there, and with stickers, put the child’s name, room number and home town. By Robin

Heart Mobile

Heart mobiles made of red tissue paper – using heavy twine, glue a heart shape on the tissue paper. Let dry. Make different sizes. After dry, cut out carefully and hang in clusters as mobiles. By Barbara Wyatt

Paper Plate Heart

Cut a paper plate into the shape of a heart. Using red and white tissue paper that has been cut into 2 inch squares wrap them around the end of a pencil. Apply glue to the end of the tissue paper and glue on to the paper plate for a flowery valentine for that someone special. By Renee

Key to my heart

Find a pattern of a small key, transfer it to paper or cardboard, then cut it out. Wrap the cardboard with foil if desired. Cut out a red heart out of construction paper and glue it towards the top of the key. Glue the key on the front of a card. With a black pen, write in the words, “you hold the key to my heart” inside the heart. These make great teacher gifts or valentines for your child’s special friends. By Amy Jo Thueson.

Love Butterflies

Making butterflies using heart shapes for the wings. a larger heart for the bottom half of the wings and slightly smaller heart for the top. wiggle eyes can be used for eyes. wings can be decorated with small hearts. By Betty Ellam

Paper Vase

Cut out a vase in construction paper, then cut out stems from green construction paper. To make the flowers just cut out heart shapes and glue onto the paper. Give to a mom :). by Cheri Gallant

Beaded Heart

Cut a piece of foam into a heart shape. Using a needle, place a bead on the foam. by Huguette

Candy Filled Heart

Draw a heart on white paper, cutout a second identical heart and decorate one side of the heart with glitter etc, then purchase heart shaped chocolates. Spread PVA glue around the outside of the heart, leaving a space in the top in order to fill with candy. when dry, fill heart with candy and reseal. by Tess Cardinal

Candy Cane Hearts

Use the old candy canes from Christmas to make valentine hearts. Glue them with the hooks facing each other to make a heart. You could also glue them to a piece of fun foam with a picture in the middle and decorate with lace, pom-poms, buttons and sequins. By Ruth

Have your own idea? Add it to the comments below and we will add it here.


  1. I loved it! They’re SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some very good ideas. I especially like the Key to My Heart.

  3. I was looking for more visual examples to do with my preschool class.

  4. (continued) After a few days, you will see that the sugar has crystallised and took on the shape of the heart. Unnatatch from the jar lid and attatch a little note saying ‘sweetie’ or something similar. Give it to someone special. *Zoe, age 11*

  5. Get some thin wire and make it into a heart shape and secure. Twist around some red string, and make a sugar solution with sugar, water, and red food food colouring. Tie the heart to a jar lid and fill the jar with the solution. (continued)

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