Soda Can Lantern

Soda Can Lantern

A fun project to make a lantern using a soda can.

What you need

Soda Can
Exacto knife


First what you do is, you fill the can (not all the way though) with water and freeze it.

Then you cut the sides of the can with an exacto knife or box cutter.

To hang it, you have to leave the pop tab on and use that to attach some picture wire.

To be able to put a tea light in there, you have to hollow out a little niche for it because the bottom of the soda can is convex on the inside.

I just stuck a screwdriver through the top of the can and banged it out. it doesn’t look too pretty but once the candle is in there, you don’t see it anyway so it doesn’t matter.

This project was contributed by Carla.


  1. If you are afraid of a fire, used the battery tea lights. Or turn the can around so the flat lid is now your bottom. You can still punch a hole in the center to add string, ribbon or whatever to hang the lantern from.

    Have not made this yet, but I want to use the cans with the super heros on it. I think those would make a neat boy type lantern. Pick your drink by the neat can, not the taste.

  2. I attempted this project and was doing well until I attempted to “open” the bars of the can… Instead of folding outwards, it crushed inward on some sections and (even with the help of pliers) just continued to crush into a mangled aluminum mess… Any suggestions?

  3. Alternate hanging method: carefully remove the tab, then punch a small hole in the center of the circular raised portion that held on the tab (dead center of the can.) Now tie a knot in the end of a string or small piece of fishing line (fishing line may need a crimp), thread through the little hole, tie a loop on the other end, and VOILA!

  4. ok, that is ADORABLE i love it and SO want one!

  5. Thanks for all your efforts to give us these great ideas ,and the recycling bit is more than great!! I love to teach the younger set , as well as the older kids..(50 and over)
    Nola MacDonald

  6. Very cute, I made one, had my husband flatten out the bottom so the candle wouldn’t slide around, and it works fine, I have it sitting on my T.V. stand, I left about and inch at the bottom so the wax doesn’t run everywhere, I have gotten a ton of compliments on it. Oh, and to light the candle I line the wic up with the drinking hole and then push the top of the can down so I can light it with out catching myself on fire!

  7. what have you done to the top and how do you do it

  8. its useful

    thanks for the post

    it helps me to find a good project and it fits to the topic


  9. If you keep an eye on the candles you’re less likely to have to call 911, especially if you have pets or kids around, so you could use it as a center piece without damage if you do as you’re suppose to

  10. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Yes, you can spray paint the cans, the paint sticks very well and is durable.

  11. For an occasion with a color theme, could you spray paint the can? Would the paint stick? I am liking this idea!

  12. AmericanLadybug says

    Excellent “green” idea, Carla.

  13. I’m going to make this and I’m going to cut off the bottom. Then I can stick the candle under it and set it on the table for a centerpiece.

  14. Really pretty and simple and I LOVE IT!

  15. i think i will have my hubby drink pepsi (bc I dont like it) and do this for my 4th of july partty….red white and blue cans!

  16. im soo doing this!!!

  17. Could be nice around the garden for bar be ques that go on till late hours?

  18. I’m doing this for a demonstration project, do i sneak the candle through the openings in the body of the can?

  19. christaover80 says

    fun and funky! I did this project to decorate for an outdoor party. got lots of compliments

  20. You can’t have one for your room! You will burn down the house. At least wait until you have your own place to pay for! Well, that is what I told my kid.

  21. this is cool
    i want one for my room!! lol

  22. its a really cute idea

  23. More ‘sky trash’ to hang about your home. can’t you see it burning on the table, then the dog walks by and woosh, followed by a quick call to 911.

  24. how do you light the tea light though after you put it there for a later use?

  25. To insert the candle just slip it through the sides the holes become wider if you apply slight pressure to the can.

  26. I like the idea, but how do you actually get the tea light in there? It doesn’t seem like any of the holes or cuts in the can is big enough.

  27. judy6244 says

    I love this newer version, of pop cans.It’s very pretty.judy


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