Leaf Note Book

Leaf Note Book

This kids craft project shows you how to make a cute little nature loving notebook.

What you need

Assorted leaves
Velum, tracing or tissue paper
Paper Glue


You will need sheets of light weight velum or tissue paper for this project.

Start by laying out your sheets to create a book. A small notebook should have around 10 pages. You will need to cut your sheets to size.

Adding Leaves

For a 5 inch book you will need to cut your papers (20) 5 x 10 inch.

Work with 2 papers at a time. Lay your paper down and coat it in paper glue. Then stick your arrangement of leaves down onto the paper.

Next cover the second sheet with glue and place it on top of the other. Press firmly to make sure your leaves and papers are stuck together.

Add glue

When laying out your leaves, leave room for the writing the recipient might want to do.

Do this for the remaining sheets until you have enough for a booklet.

Fold together to form the book and then staple or add punch holes and tie a nice ribbon.

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