Easy Dried lavender Envelopes

Easy Dried lavender Envelopes

These make great gifts for young and old especially in gift baskets. Drop them into your drawers, boxes or linen for a wonderful aroma.

What you need

Dried lavender flowers
Small envelopes
(available from office supplies)
Acrylic Paints for decoration


Paint the front of your envelopes with pretty flowers or use decorative stamps. Allow them to dry.

Fill the envelopes with Lavender grains and then seal the envelope.

Use the above picture as an example of some designs.

To get the fragrance coming through just squish the envelope to release the aromas.


  1. Yeah i have sewed a fabric pouch and then fill it with fragrance. It makes my dresser drawers smell nice. This is cool too.

  2. i might try it

  3. i love this idea ill try it

  4. These are great for my TORCH CLUB group to make and take to the nursing home!

  5. waaaaaay down with this craft. for longer project, make pouches out of scrap, breathable fabric.

  6. Cool

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