Sock Monsters

Sock Monsters

We already had the Sock Monkey project, but did you know you can make sock monsters as well? Let your imagination run wild and crazy making these fun little creatures.

What you need

-Small Sock (baby/toddler sock)
-Fiberfill (filling for monster)
-Pipe Cleaners
-Felt with adhesive back
-Googly Eyes with adhesive back


1. Stuff sock with fiberfill until firm and full. Push ends of sock up into middle of monster to secure.

2. Poke a pipe cleaner through top portion of monster and through both sides of sock and fiberfill.

3. Shape antenna’s from ends of pipe cleaner sticking out of monster’s head. You can also wrap yarn around the pipe cleaners for monster hair.

4. Cut felt into different shapes to make monster’s eyes and mouth.

5. Stick googly eyes onto monster.

6. Push a second pipe cleaner through the middle of monster for arms. Attached felt onto ends of pipe cleaner for hands.

7. Bend a pipe cleaner in half.  Push ends of pipe cleaner into bottom opening of sock.

8. Shape remaining portion of pipe cleaner into the monster’s feet.


  1. SCARY
    ………………………but fun

What do you think of this project? Let us know!