Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick

These smudge sticks were used to banish odors from the home and in some cultures they were used to dispel lingering spirits.

What you need

Fresh Rosemary stems
Sage, Thyme and Fennel stalks
Cotton twine


Start by gathering all your herbs and tie them tightly together with cotton twine at around 1 cm intervals then leave it to dry for several weeks.

To use, light the end of the herbs with a candle until it begins to smolder and release a thin trail of fragrant smoke.

Allow the stick to burn to the next cotton tie off and extinguish the end.

Trim off the burnt ends and your stick is ready to use again.


  1. The herb “sage” which “in some cultures” was “used to dispel lingering spirits” with burning smudge sticks, was a perrenial white sage bush (Salvia apiana), and not the common sage (Salvia officinalis) used for cooking.

  2. mystweaver says

    I have all the herbs required growing fresh in my garden, thanks so much.
    You don’t let this burn, you light then extinguish so they smolder. You want the smoke not fire. Smudge sticks have been used by Native Americans and Pagans for 100’s of years.

  3. i have been using smudge sticks for years and have started making them myself with herbs from my garden. but mine aren’t nearly as pretty as that one. great job!!!

  4. This is Great! – You will see that in alot of New Age shops they sell upto $30 each – RE: House fires I am sure you haven’t a clue how they are used! – They smoulder Not FLAME UP!..Rosemary is Great too – Research Herbs to use

  5. This is great, and It even burns well, no more dangerous then a candle when used under supervision

  6. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    These are safe and have been for 100’s of years. Can we please make sure comments are fair to contributors who have taken the time to make/create and test these projects so we can all use them for free.

  7. All together now, boys and girls..can you say “HOUSE FIRE?”

    Dont attempt this, as some herbs contain more oils and will surely burn to fast and may get surprisingly out of control..

  8. OMG!!..You actually allow these to burn IN THE HOME???
    Better make sure you have the Fire Dept.’s # handy…your gonna need it..
    Try tying fresh Lavender together in bundles, tuck in drawers and leave around the house …but DONT BURN THEM!

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