Plastic Bag Candles

Plastic Bag Candles

These bag candles look great and are a fantastic talking point when people see them.

What you need

Plastic Bag
Basic Candle making supplies
Large Jar


You need a jar thats big enough to support the filled bag to keep it upright. Or if you are making smaller ones use a large drinking glass.

First begin by spray your bag with spray release squidge it all around to make sure the bag is well oiled.

Place the bag into the jar or glass and fold over the top so you can pour your wax into it.

Once your bag is in its support mold , pour the wax into the mold and counter sink your wick into the mold. Using a rubber band carefully tie up the bag and secure the wick.

Allow the wax to cool for several hours and remove it from the glass or jar. Peel off the bag and your candle is ready to go.

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